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Number Junctions

Holiday Puzzle 2015 #13 – Number Junctions

December 13th, 2015 by John Lehet

Today’s puzzle is another original puzzle called Number Junctions. I originally named these puzzles Octangles as they contained a collection of octagons. However, when Mindware published them in book form (actually two books), they changed the format to circles and subsequently the name. Number Junctions are easy to understand – all you need to do is to place the given numbers into the small following the simple rules (or directions). In order to correctly solve these puzzles, you will only need to use basic addition and your deductive reasoning skills. Each puzzle is an nxn grid (like 5×5 or 9×9) of circles. Between every group of four circles is a “diamond” containing a number. This number is the sum of the numbers in the four surrounding circles. Finally, each row (and column) contains the numbers 1 through n once and only one (just like Sudoku). You just have to place the numbers correctly into the empty circles

Click here for a detailed set of rules and an example puzzle.

Here is an easier 5×5 Number Junctions puzzles from my second book for you to try.


For a more challenge 9×9 Number Junctions puzzle click here!

If you like these Number Junctions puzzles, take a look at the books of Number Junctions that I wrote which is available on mindware. Good Luck and pass the puzzles onto others who may enjoy them!