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Holiday Puzzle 2015 #9 – Letter Riddles

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“Simplicity is the glory of expression.” – Walt Whitman

Today’s puzzle is fun for everyone – Letter Riddles.  I came up with these riddles years ago while sitting at a restaurant with my family while waiting for the meal.  I was challenging my oldest daughter with these and in return she came up with a couple to challenge me!

The idea is really simple – all of the riddles have answers that are words that are pronounced the same as a single letter or a combination of letters.  For example, “What letter did Columbus cross?”  – the “C” is the answer because the letter C is pronounced the same as the word “sea“.   That’s the idea – not too crazy hard, but still thought provoking.

Below are ten letter riddles for you to try – all of them can be answered with a single letter or a combination of two or three letters.

  • 1. What two letters are shifty?
  • 2. What two letters does a banana have?
  • 3. What two letters are four score?
  • 4. What two are sick?
  • 5. What two letters play cards?
  • 6. What letter is a bird?
  • 7. What two letters are slippery?
  • 8. What two letters are a report?
  • 9. What two letters are not hard?
  • 10. What two letters are a girls name?

Good Luck and pass the puzzles onto others who may enjoy them!

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