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SAT Review – Arithmetic

Topic Description
Consecutive Numbers 1 Identify the next number in list of consecutive numbers
Consecutive Numbers 2 Identify the missing number in a list of consecutive numbers
Digits Identify decimal placement within a decimal number
Prime Numbers 1 List all prime numbers within 1 to 50
Prime Numbers 2 Select prime numbers from a list of numbers
Prime Numbers 3 Select prime numbers from a list of numbers (random order)
Fractions РMultiplying Practice multiplying fractions
Fractions – Dividing Practice dividing fractions
Fractions – Adding Practice adding fractions
Fractions – Subtracting Practice subtracting fractions
Mean, Median, Mode Given a set of numbers determine the mean, median and mode
Greater/Less Than Place a greater than or less than sign between two values
Venn Diagrams Place numbers into a Venn Diagram with three sets
Evaluate Variable Expressions – 1 Given x and y, evaluate given expressions
Evaluate Variable Expressions – 2 Given x and y, evaluate given expressions (Advanced)
Order Sets of Numbers Given a set of numbers, order from smallest to largest
Number Lines Identify values on a number line
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