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Holiday Puzzle 2015 #14 – Associative Riddles


“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” – Lewis Carroll

Today’s puzzle is another set of fun riddles called Associative Riddles.  Associative riddles look for how two ideas are associated.  This association is often with a word they have in common.  For example, carpet and carport  have “car” in common.  Making an associate riddle, one may ask “what do a rug and a garage have in common“?  The answer would be “car” as a “carpet” is a rug and a “carport” is a garage.

The idea is really simple – all of the riddles have answers that are a single word that the two themes of the riddle have in common.  For example, “What’s a cow behind the wheel?”  – a“Steer” is the answer because a “steer” is a cow and to drive, one “steers” the wheel.  That’s the idea – not too crazy hard, but still thought provoking.

Below are nine associative riddles for you to try – all of them can be answered with a single word that two parts of the riddle have in common.

  • 1. What tree can you hold in your hand?
  • 2. What is an angry word puzzle?
  • 3. What is not yet a frog in the farthest north?
  • 4. What color is a designers plan of the moon?
  • 5. What’s legal with “in” and illegal with “out”?
  • 6. What’s a box on the waves?
  • 7. What does a knitting nurse use?
  • 8. What’s a measuring Monarch?
  • 9. What does a hitchhiking baby use?

Good Luck and pass the puzzles onto others who may enjoy them!

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