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Holiday Puzzle 2015 #7 – Hex Codes

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Today’s puzzles are Hex Codes.  Each puzzle is a collection of adjacent hexagons that follow a pattern.  Each hexagon contains either a number/letter or is empty.  The objective is for you to fill in empty hexagons with the correct number/letter that follows the given pattern.  You must determine the pattern that each puzzle exhibits in order to correctly complete each puzzles.  The hexagons may vary in color which may be of importance (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).  Some of the puzzles may use addition or subtraction, while others may utilize some other connection (like adjacent hexagons or the color) between certain attributes.  That’s all for you to figure out.  These puzzles can be very challenging. 

All you need to do is to figure out the pattern in each puzzle and then use it fill in empty hexagons.  Below are four puzzles to try.  If you like them, click here for a pdf file with more.  Best of luck!

As always, I hope you enjoyed these puzzles.  Please pass them onto others who may enjoy them!

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