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Tuesday’s Twister #11 – Number Circuits

“Go fast slowly” – Clarence Stephens

Number Circuits are an original puzzle that I came up with a few years ago.  They are number sense puzzles that require you to arrange a set of numbers in a designated pattern.  I used magic squares as a theme using shapes other than squares. In all, I was able to develop over 200 puzzles all with this same theme.  Fortunately, Mindware liked the puzzles and published two books.  I was pretty excited (and still am).  The books differ in difficulty, although neither set of puzzles are too difficult (although all puzzle are challenging when you can’t solve them!).  Below are four puzzles, two from each book.  I believe they’re representatve of each collection and Number Circuit puzzles in general.  Click each picture to open a full sized pdf image of each puzzle in a new window.

from Number Circuits A

from Number Circuits B

NumberCircuitsA NumberCircuitsB


As always, I hope you enjoyed these puzzles. Please pass them onto others who may enjoy them and please click LIKE below if you like them! 

MIndware currently has the books for sale for only $3.95 (that a 69% savings!).  If interested in purchasing either book just click below:

Number Circuits A (Beginner Puzzles)

Number Circuits B (Advanced Puzzles)

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