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Tuesday’s Twister #1 – Counting Shapes

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” – Yogi Berra

Today is the start of a new puzzle series that I’ve named “Tuesday’s Twister”. Every Tuesday I will post a new puzzle.  I’m hoping that each Tuesday Twister that I post will be for all ages.  I’ve decided to kick things off with Counting Shapes as this was the most popular of the Holiday Puzzles.  Check out the Counting Shapes post from the 20th of December.

As with many puzzles, the concept of Counting Shapes puzzles is very straight-forward and getting an answer is very easy, but getting the correct answer is a bit more challenging.

In today’s puzzles, you will be presented with a picture which is a collection of squares. All you need to do is count how many squares are in each picture. I suggest that you take your time and count twice, as it is easy to miss a few on the first count.

Below is an interactive version with three puzzles. Enter your count in each of the three boxes and then select check. You will not be told which of the three (if any) are correct, only if all three are correct. The first puzzle is easier than the other two, but still take your time and good luck! Click here for a pdf version of the puzzle.


Good Luck and pass the puzzles onto others who may enjoy them! If you get stuck and would like the solutions, use the “Contact Us” button and we will reply.

In order to use the interactive puzzle, you need to have adobe flash enabled.

Here are a few hints:

the number of squares in the first puzzles is not 4; the number of squares in the second puzzle is greater than 10; and the number of squares in the third puzzle is greater than 20.

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