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Holiday Puzzle #1 – Missing Word Puzzles

"The mind is everything.  What you think you become"  Buddha

The mind is everything. What you think you become” Buddha

This is the first of my Holiday Puzzles for 2014. For years, I have been giving my own children puzzles, games or codes each December morning up to Christmas. It’s a tradition that they’ve enjoyed throughout the years and still look forward to. This year I’ve decided to post a puzzle for everyone on my puzzle Blog. The puzzles will typically be original and math related (nothing too crazy), but sometimes they will just be an interesting puzzle that I’d like to share. So here goes with the first puzzle for December.

Today’s puzzle is a missing word puzzle.  In each puzzle, a word or words are missing, replaced by their first letter.  In to order solve, you need to find the missing words.  Here’s an example:

Puzzle:       12 I in a F

The solution is     “12 INCHES in a FOOT

Below are ten puzzles (one for each number from1 to 10)

  • 1 W on a U

  • 2 N in a D

  • 3 F in a Y

  • 4 Q in a D

  • 5 P in a N

  • 6 S in a H

  • 7 D in a W

  • 8 S on a SS

  • 9 I in a BG

  • 10 Y in a D

All of these puzzles are straight forward.  You will need some knowledge of measurement, shapes and sports (for one).  Good Luck and pass the puzzles onto others who may enjoy them!

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