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Holiday Puzzle 2015 #8 – More Missing Words

"Go fast slowly" - John Wooden

“Be quick, but don’t hurry.” – John Wooden


As promised, Tuesday’s will be Missing Word Puzzle day, so here’s another set of missing word puzzles.  Today there are ten puzzles of varying difficulty. The first five are easier than the second five which are much more challenging. Please keep this in mind when you attempt the puzzles.  

As a refresher in each puzzle, a word or words are missing, replaced by their first letter.  In order to solve each puzzle, you need to find the missing words.  Here’s an example of how they work:

Puzzle1:       12 I in a F

The solution is     “12 INCHES in a FOOT”  (“I” stands for “INCHES” and “F” stands for “FOOT“)

Below are ten puzzles to try – remember the first five are easier than the last five.

  • 2 H in a W

  • 3 F in a Y

  • 5 F on each H

  • 10 D in a D

  • 4 S on a S

The next five puzzles are more challenging!  Good Luck!

  • 3 H on a C

  • 2 S to every S

  • 12 S of the Z

  • 3 B in the “L of the R”

  • 4 S and 7 YA

These are not original puzzles, but I still like to share them.  Good Luck and pass the puzzles onto others who may enjoy them! 



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