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Tuesday’s Twister #10 – Lateral Thinking

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“When you come to a roadblock, take a detour” – Mary Kay Ash

Lateral Thinking puzzles are often referred to as “Thinking Outside the Box” puzzles.  They are similar to riddles in that their solutions are very simple, yet often very difficult to obtain.  Additionaly, Lateral Thinking puzzles are very easily stated.  Believe me, they can be very difficult.  Lateral Thinking puzzles rely on your thinking a certain way, typically the way that does not lead to the solution.

You can ask “yes” or “no” questions (no open ended questions allowed).  Using the answers, you try to narrow in on the solution.  This sounds easy, but most Lateral Thinking puzzles seem contradictory and seem not to have a solution.

I love to solve and make Lateral Thinking puzzles.  Below are two original Lateral Thinking puzzles.  I made a flash program that allows you to select five questions, each of which is accompanied by its answer.  Just click the Question and it will appear.  Good luck with the puzzles and email me your solutions.  I will gladly respond.

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