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Algebra 1

Topic Desciption
Order of Operations Negative Numbers and Order of Operations
 Expressions  Terms, Like Terms, Expressions and Simplifying Expressions
 Factoring  Factor Binomials (ax+b) and Trinomials (ax2+bx+c)
 Equations  Linear Equations (x+b=c, ax=c, ax+b=c, ax+b=cx+d)
 Inequalities  Solve and Graph Linear Inequalities
 Lines  Standard and Slope/Intercept Form
 Graphing  Graphing Lines (y = mx + b and Ax + By = C forms) and Decode Slope
 Exponents  Multiply, Divide, Power Rule and Negative Exponents
 Absolute Values  Solve problems with AbsoluteValues
 Polynomials  Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Polynomials
 Scientific Notation  Convert between Scientific and Decimal Notation
Systems of Equations Systems of Linear Equations (Linear Combination, Graphing and Substitution Methods)
Skill Builders Basic problem sets to master fundamental skills needed for Algebra
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