Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
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Venn Placement (2-Set)

I have created an interactive game that will help you understand and master Venn Diagrams. First let’s quickly review Venn Diagrams. In each puzzle, there will be two big circles (outlined in black). The circle on the right will contain objects of a selected shape – either Circle, Square or Triangle. The circle to the left will contain objects of a selected color – Red, Blue or Green. At the bottom of the Venn diagram, there are nine objects, 3 circles, 3 squares and 3 triangles. For each shape, there are three colors, so for example there is a red circle, a blue circle and a green circle. All you have to do is place each shape, all nine of them, correctly in the Venn diagram.

To move a shape, first click on it and it will be outlined with a star in its center. Then click the black dot to which you want to move the shape. This will move the shape. If you want to return a moved shape, just click it and it will return to the bottom area. When all of the objects are placed, then a Check button will appear that allows you to check your solution. When successfully completed, a New Game button will appear so you can play again.

Good luck with the puzzles. Have fun and I hope they help you to better understand and master two set Venn diagrams.