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Number Sense Puzzles

Number Sense puzzles are straight forward puzzles geared for younger puzzlers to help them improve their number sense. In each puzzle, there are 8 statements each corresponding to a number. You have to use the numbers 0 through 9 once and only once to fill in the correct number corresponding to each statement. You will need to use and develop your number sense as well as your deductive problem solving skills in order to correctly place the numbers. Since there are only 8 answers and 10 numbers (0 through 9), some of the answers will require two digits.

Below is the list of available Number Sense puzzles. Each puzzle has an interactive page to use on-line and a PDF hard copy.
click here for exampleNumber Sense - Addition

Addition – 1
PDF basic addition problems (even and odd too!)
Numbers – 1
PDF number concepts and relationships
Word Problems – 1
PDF translate basic verbal statements
Factors – 1
PDF factors of two-digit numbers
Money – 1
PDF relationships and values of coins/bills
Word Problems – 2
PDF translate basic verbal statements
Factors and Multiples – 1
PDF factors and multiples of integers
Negatives – 1
PDF adding with negative numbers
Order of Operations – 1
PDF solve basic order of operations problems
Place Value – 1
PDF select digit using place value
Numbers – 2
PDF number concepts and relationships