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SAT Review – Algebra

Topic Description
Factors List all factors of a given number
Factor Pairs List all factor pairs of a given number
Order of Operations Simplify expressions using PEMDAS
Solve Problems for x Find the unknown for linear equations
Percents, Decimals, Fractions Convert values between percents, decimals and fractions
Math Sentences Find the unknown for percentage related problems
Slope 1 Given an equation of a line determine the slope, y-int and match a graph
Slope 2 Graph equations of line in slope-intercept form
Ratios and Proportions Practice using ratios and proportions
Word Problems Solve basic word problems using percents
Word Problems (Advanced) Solve advanced word problems using Algebra
Word Problems (Consecutive Numbers) Solve word problems in which the sum of consecutive numbers is given
Absolute Values – 1 Evaluate basic absoluate value expressions
Absolute Values – 2 Evaluate basic absoluate value expressions mixture
Given x,y – 1 Evaluate expressions when given x and y
Given x,y – 2 Evaluate expressions when given x and y
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