Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
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Our Approach

Our approach is unique, yet simple – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

Our Practice problems are the equivalent of electronic flash cards for each specific topic. They provide guidance to the students when problems occur, encouraging and recommending what to do in order to be successful. They attempt to mimic what a tutor would do. We believe in starting at the beginning, establishing the fundamental needs prior to tackling more difficult problems. As a result, many topics contain multiple practice sets which facilitate the mastery of basic concepts needed to solve more challenging problems.

Our Tutorials provide interactive guides to each specific topic.  There is no distracting audio and your eyes are naturally guided to the most important points.  It is recommended that the students read along with the tutorial, pausing when necessary.  The tutorials can be viewed repetitively to emphasize the important points of each topic.

The Objective to all of our tutorials and practice sets is to successfully complete 5 problems in a Row!  We believe that’s the first step to mastery.