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Chapter 3 – Polynomial Functions

Topic Desciption
3.1 – Quadratic Functions Standard and Polynomial Form Quadratics
3.2 – Polynomial Functions Degree, Leading Coefficient, End Behavior, Zeros, Multiplicity, Graphing, Intermediate Value Theorem
3.3 – Dividing Polynomials Synthetic Division, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem
3.4 – Zeros of Polynomial Functions Finding Rational Zeros, Finding Real Roots, Graphing Polynomials
3.5 – Rational Functions Rational Functions, Vertical, Horizontal and Slant Assymptotes, Graphing Rational Functions
3.6 – Polynomials and Rational Inequalities Solving Rational Inequalities
3.7 – Variation Direct, Inverse, Combined and Joint Variation

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