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Chapter 2 – Functions

Topic Desciption
2.1 – Functions and Their Graphs Ordered Pairs, Slope, y-intercept and Graphing
2.2 – More on Functions Piecewise, Even and Odd Functions
2.3 – Linear Functions and Slope Point-Slope Formula, Slope-Intercept, Graphing Linear Equations
2.4 – More on Slope Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Rate of Change
2.5 – Transformations of Functions Vertical and Horizontal Shifts, Reflection, Stretching
2.6 – Combining Functions Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Compositon of Functions, Range and Domain
2.7 – Inverse Functions Finding Inverse Functions, Vertical Line Test
2.8 – Distance, Midpoint and Circles Distance, Midpoint and Circle formulas

Chapter 2 – Review Exam

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