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Holiday Puzzle #22 – More Missing Word Puzzles

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” – Thomas Jefferson

Following the Monday theme for my 2014 Holiday Puzzles, today’s puzzles are yet another set of Missing Word Puzzles. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from everyone about the the Missing Work Puzzles #1, #8,  and #15. In today’s, there are a few with a Christmas theme (but not all of them).

Just like the last two Monday’s, in each puzzle, a word or words are missing, replaced by their first letter.  In order to solve each puzzle, you need to find the missing words.  Here’s an example of how they work:

Puzzle:       12 I in a F

The solution is     “12 INCHES in a FOOT

Below are ten puzzles to try

  • 1 is the LN

  • 3 WM

  • 3 G in a HT

  • 1 P in a PT

  • 3 RC

  • 5 GR

  • 2 H in every W

  • 24 H in a D

  • 12 D of C

  • 3 P in a HG

These are just fun puzzles to ponder.  They are not all original puzzles, but I still like to share them.  I think it’s fun to think of them yourself and challenge others – it’s something everyone can do.  Good Luck and pass the puzzles onto others who may enjoy them! 

Here are some clues: 2,4,5,9 – Christmas;  3,10 – sports.

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